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 Our latest Testimonial is from;

Angela 1/2016
 I have been using the clay for years and have seen it perform short of miraculous. Truly...my daughter in law put flea medicine for a dog on her cat by accident late one evening. No one noticed the cat because everyone went to work and school early the next morning. By the time my granddaughter got home from school...the cat was near death. They rushed said kitty to the vet who told them it was hopeless since too much time had gone by and the cat was stiff and cold. My daughter in law called me on the way home from the vet (taking the cat home to die) and said,"If anyone knows any Voodoo medicine it is you"! Wow, I guess that was a vote of confidence! I told her the cat had one shot and that is bentonite clay. I mixed some up and drew up the liquid in a turkey baster and shot it almost straight into the cats stomach. It could not swallow and there was no choice. In about 15 minutes it's dilated eyes went back to normal. In about 30 minutes, it started to warm up and move.By next morning you could not tell anything had ever wrong with it. Still living as a matter of fact.

I have a few more stories one involving a woman with blood poisoning. Long story short...the blood poisoning was completely gone by morning and she had streaks running up her leg. I got bit by a brown recluse spider and used a poultice (a mud ball on the hole the bite made) and took it by mouth. I did not have to go to the hospital. I have a dent in my leg from the damaged tissue but it healed up.

I have said many times that if I had to chose a medicine and one only for the rest of my life...I would pick the clay. I also figured out an excellent way to quit smoking using the clay! I smoked two packs a day and quit almost 11 years ago. When my husband was ready he did the same thing and he has been quit for 2 years now. A couple of my friends did it too. Of course...you have to be ready to quit but the clay helps tremendously. There is one other thing to go with the plan and I will tell you if you are interested.

I wrote because my grandson had diarrhea really bad last week. He's only two and I knew there would be no way to get him to drink the muddy water! He would drink and eat anything else which is probably what caused the problem. Our local health food store used to carry the totally clear but she quit because people were using it to pass drug tests. Whatever. I was hoping you knew how to make the totally clear stuff and that is the reason I wrote to you.

I'm going to try your method. I always just leave it dry and mix it up when I need it. It's muddy and nasty but it never fails! By activating do you mean mixing it with water?
By the way... I am a customer and told my cousin about your site so she is probably going to being buying from you if she has not already.

so I asked asked Angela to please explain the stop smoking protocol.

To stop Smoking
Ok....here is what you do. First take a dose of the liquid clay to clear the body of nicotine.It really does help with the jonesing.If one dose is not enough...take some more.Get some dry mullein and some rolling papers.Yes...I said rolling papers. Roll some smokes out of it. When you have the urge to smoke...and you will for a long time.Smoke a mullein ciggie! You can even buy one of those rollie machines that have filters and they work great! Most every smoker has a friend, spouse,or whatever they like to smoke with. Feel free to smoke right with them or by yourself. Mullein has lung healing properties so you are doing yourself a favor. Smoking it is the best way to ingest it for this healing purpose.

I had to take a lot of flack because people would say I was switching one addiction for another. Bull crap. Mullein has no addictive substances whatsoever in it. I reasoned that I just wanted to smoke...not be a slave to nicotine so I needed something else to smoke with no nicotine.Pure logic. It is counter productive to chew nicotine gum,wear patches,etc,when you are trying to kick the nicotine habit. The clay will remove it,do not replace it! This method takes the majority of the suffering away. Makes it quite bearable as a matter of fact. I have told this to several people and they were successful, including my husband.

I have smoked mullein since I was literally a child. My whole family smoked it and my mother is the very one that showed me how! My great grandmother made medicine in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky. My cousin and I would get a brown paper bag and go and find our mullein.It's easy to do! Can you imagine telling a kid that now? I still love to smoke it and can do it anytime I feel like it and it does not make me want to run the get a pack of Marlboro's...or Newports!

It is my firm belief that bentonite clay is one of the most important medicines that is in our arsenal for disease control.Viral,bacterial,and poison, as in the case of that recluse spider that bit me.

Ana  1/ 2016

Dear best_ben,
Hi , Purchased 25 Lbs of your Bentonite Clay about a year ago. I finally got my family of PHD's to believe me that this product could do wonders for one's health by making them try it. The results have been amazing! I'm a B.F.A. with a concentration in ceramics and I make my living as a sculptor so I was trained to fear all clays' as they can be carcinogenic. But little did I know that before mixing the materials together there could exists this life changing blessing! My brother was diagnosed with Parkinson s. His doctors believe it was induced through exposure to heavy metals and chemicals. He's an internationally recognized Chemical Engineer. Thanks to you (because you offer clear information and a very fair price) and the Bentonite my brothers hand stopped shaking. I don't know for how long but with a good diet, exercise and the continued use of your Bentonite clay anything is possible. Thank you so much. I'll be ordering again soon.

Paula 12/2015 

My 28 yr old daughter and I have been using your bentonite clay for nearly two years. I use it occasionally to absorb acids and toxins when my ph is acidic. My daughter uses it daily for the most part, however. In fact, when I first discovered your product she had been having acid reflux. In fact, she was to the point of severe pain like a rock in her chest that had her crying. Unfortunately, she'd been taking antacids and gas x - and they weren't working. Just as I found out about bentonite due to my acidic ph level and my shipment arrived she was having the severe pain and the antacids were not helping at all. Somehow I realized the bentonite might help her and she had IMMEDIATE relief!!! The burning and rock feeling minimized greatly so she took another teaspoon or two and it was as though she was cured on the spot. Of course, she saw how the symptoms return when she ate certain things so she made sure to have a supply of bentonite wherever she went. And she's been on it faithfully ever since. Not needing it directly for acid reflux so much - as that seemed to stop being a problem. But she feels it helps keep her at a good place when she's taking it regularly - feeling better in general. I will say this, though... After being on it for a couple months, we upped our dosage to several Tablespoons per day (like 6-8) to promote more gut healing and draw out more acids. Well, at first it was great. I especially loved my hair being more silky and less oily, skin softer, etc. BUT BUT BUT... Both of us started getting VERY emotional. I researched it and discovered detoxing with clay will draw / stir up old emotions. That these are buried along with all other toxins and they literally get pulled up to be expelled. I'm talking anger, sadness, etc. So, we learned we cannot detox too aggressively. I saw the one bentonite lady on youtube who encourages such extremely high amounts of clay but found out it is quite challenging to live with yourself in that state. I personally recommend not doing more than a few Tablespoons per day on a regular basis. IMO, considering the profoundly acidic nature of our diets these days, bentonite clay should be a staple in every household. Thanks for letting me share! Paula

. I just started using the Best Bentonite clay that I purchased a month ago and I absolutely love it and I am going to tell everyone about it!! it has only been a day and I'm feeling major results I purchased gel capsules &mix the best bentonite with activated charcoal, I was suffering from morgellans and chemtrail poisioning. Since using it after one day hardly any symptoms AMAZING best bentonite is going to be a regular natural health source in my household..GOD BLESSED YOU.;))

This is my story.
2 years ago I weighed close to 300 pounds. I knew I was eating badly but didn't think much of it and I also knew I was feeling like crap. 
When I decided to watch what goes into my body and how my body is better health wise I started realizing just how much we rely on our body to work together in all areas. 

As I started losing weight I sought the help of a trainer and he suggested I go to Amazon and buy your bentonite clay from you. So I did. I have been a faithful user of your product since the 1st of January and have never felt better. I have had intestinal issues for years and like I said never paid attention to it or for that matter cared even. Since using the clay I have more energy and have had no issues with my body as far as not feeling well. I am a firm believer in eating to live and this doesn't just mean food-this means in all we do and how we live...And this includes supplements and health aides too. (I am classifying bentonite clay as a supplement.) 

I now weigh in my 120's and I have had no joint aches, no bloating, no memory issues, no intestinal issues...nothing! since using the clay DAILY. 

I use between 1 and 2 tablespoons a day and mix in my whey protein after a workout with aloe ater and plain Greek yogurt, and I have also noticed I no longer have soreness from a workout too. I have mixed the clay in water and for me personally, I would rather add it to my whey protein. I have texture issues and I was worried how the clay would mix. I am very thankful it mixes smooth and has no taste. There have been times where I was out of town and didn't take my clay and I found that it affected me from not using it. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me and I am telling my friends about you guys. I have had a couple I have referred to you.

Thank you for your time and have a blessed day. 

Rose saved her cat.
Last week, my cat stopped eating and drinking. She had black, loose stools.
She is a rescued, feral, so she lives outside. 
When I picked her up she was like a limp dish towel. Checked her over for injuries, (would have taken her to the vet if there were), there were none, so I figured it was something with her gut.
  I mixed some clay with water, and fed her, sip by sip, with a syringe.
  In 2 days, she started to eat a little food, and drink water on her own. I still continued to give her clay water. She didn't fight me at all. I think she knew it was helping her.
Now she is her old self ! Thank you

Uniquely Created a Hair clarifying mask...
I mix the bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar which is a healthy all natural cleanser for the scalp..I mix in olive oil,avocado oil,jojoba oil and a few drops of essentials oils which include lemon oil,tee tree oil,nettle oil,hemp oil,amla,burdock root,marshmallow root,slippery elm or any essential oil that is all natural and organic i add to my clay mixture along with a few drops of aloe vera juice and also some coconut water..I stir it all together in a plastic bowl with a plastic or wooden mixing spatula until thick and creamy like frosting..I part my hair into four sections..I then wet my hair in each section with plain warm tap or spring water depending on my level of build up..I apply the mask to each section and work through my hair from the roots to the ends constantly smoothing and detangling each section until i can completely slide my finger through that section..Once my entire head is covered and thoroughly saturated with the clay mask mixture i allow it to stay in my head all day or if time is important to me an hour..I rinse it out in the shower by section continuing to detangle my hair..Once the clay wash is completely rinsed out i apply some coconut oil to my hair to lock in the moisture. I shake excess water off..My hair is now extremely soft as cotton..The texture is shiny,it is a feel good clean like never before,it is silky and extremely moisturized all from using this clay..I will never use shampoo again..Clay wash for the rest of my hairs life..

Bad Burn -- Gone!
I stuck my arm in a very hot oven and got a bad burn from touching the oven rack. I had bentonite already mixed up into a paste sitting on my kitchen counter. I immediately put a gob of it on my painful arm burn and the pain disappeared instantly! I left the clay on for about an hour. and when I washed it off there was still no pain -- just a pink burn mark. It never blistered or scabbed. I've had many burns in my life and they usually entail keeping the burn in cold water for hours and hours until most of the pain is gone. Even then, it was always painful (to the burn) to take a hot shower. No pain in the shower after the bentonite treatment. Miraculous!

Lowell removes poison
I mix it the consistency of thick ketchup. I use it primarily to suck out poison from insect and snake bites. I have been bitten by the brown recluse spider 5 times. The first time I didn't have the clay and it rotted a 7" hole in my side all the way to the muscle. If you have never been bitten by one let me tell you it feels like someone poured lighter fluid on you and set you on fire. At first you feel nothing but give it about 24 hours and you will be frantically looking for some ice. It was still burning a year later. It took about 14 months to completely heal. I have pictures. The next few times I was bitten I applied the clay within 24 hours and it was like it never happened. I now keep it close at hand.... always! It will remove most toxins right thru the skin. It is nothing short of amazing!!!
One of our Amazon customers.

I first want to say that the price is absolutely amazing, and the shipping speed is fantastic. The clay itself is extremely fine, similar to that of baby powder.

I have used the clay on my face and have noticed an immediately difference in the appearance of my pores and acne scares. I also use it as an overnight spot treatment and any irritation, redness, blistering, or bulging is always reduced greatly the next day. I have used it on my scalp and noticed a very soft and clean feeling afterwards. The little yellow, possibly sebum bulbs, my scalp used to produced are absolutely gone. I also get less breakout on my scalp.

I managed to get the courage to take it internally and I have to say I am really surprised with the results. I managed to get the urge to use the bathroom and mix in with my excrement were white strings. After some research I came to the conclusion that it was the clay killing off the Candida in my intestines. Very scary stuff.

I do want to give a warning, if you are highly toxic you want to take small amounts of this stuff internally. You will suffer from a Herxheimer reaction, which "is a reaction to endotoxins released by the death of harmful organisms within the body". How strong a reaction will depend on 2 things, how much clay you consume and how high of a toxic buildup you have. Start off slow as the Herxheimer side effects can be drastic. For me, some of the side effects of this cleansing is slight stomach ache, headaches, nausea, diarrhea or loose bowels.

I will definitely be ordering more from Best Bentonite

All I have to say its AWESOME!!!!!!!
Kosmo is now 7 years of age. At age 2 for some unknown reason his gut changed causing chronic diarrhea. From all the vet visits etc. it is believe he has either SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) or IBD (irritable bowl disease) or a combo of the 2. It would take way too long to list here all that I have tried, with countless supplements, numerous vets (with their recommendations), even specialist vets, countless varieties of food, hours upon hours of researching, etc. And absolutely NOTHING would help control this issue.

When all of this started Kosmo weighed in at 53 pounds. In Jan. when we began bentonite Kosmo was around 40 pounds. His lowest being a tad over 35 pounds, we thought we were going to loose him. So with nothing to loose, I started him on bentonite.

Because of his issue he has been off regular dog food and continues to be. I cook ground turkey and white rice for him. With now adding bentonite. He is now at 50 pounds!!! And looks AWESOME!!

Kosmo is an awesome dog and because now that his health issue is under control, he is now my service dog. He is an extremely smart well trained dog, but because of the diarrhea issue, he was unable to perform his job. Now he can!! Did I say how AWESOME this is?? LOL

Now I am not saying that Kosmo doesn't still have the occasional bout with it, but it has slowed his gut processes down enough that he is/has gained weight.  

Thanks much,
Jen & Kosmo

Now off to order more bentonite.....

Used bentonite clay on a burn.
My friend spilled very hot tea on her belly. She is disabled and was not able to get the scalding cloths away from her skin right away. It left a very nasty burn; red, bubbly, very painful. I brought this clay over and made a paste with water. We spread it on her belly and covered it with Press n Seal. There was instant pain relief! Her nurse washed the area and reapplied the clay the following day. By the third day her skin looked brand new! There was never any more pain from the moment the first clay touched her skin. Amazing!

Our first Testimonial is from

 Tried it all! 
Who writes: 
This is a great product, and a great seller! Before buying, I emailed the seller with many questions, and they were quick to answer all of them. I use the clay for several things; it makes a PHENOMENAL face mask-forget that junk you are paying so much for from department and drug stores. I mix a small amount of the clay with water and apply it to my face twice a week for about an hour. It pulls my face nice and tight, and after rinsing with cool water, my skin looks so smooth and feels great. (I follow up with Nutiva hemp oil, it's great for the face.) This stuff is working magic on my large pores! It's a beautiful detoxing product. If mixing it with water only is a bit drying for you, try adding a few drops of oil to the mask (I prefer organic hemp or jojoba).
I also take it internally, although I don't care for eating it like some do. It has no taste, but the muddy texture of it when mixed with water is a little more than I can do. I just put the dry powder in capsules, and take about ten at night or in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water. It will travel through your system, picking up pesticides and toxins on it's way through (and out..). Wait to take your other vitamins about two hours after this product. Also, don't use any metal spoons, bowls or anything when mixing it. Use plastic. This stuff is a find! A little goes a long way, it is well worth the cost and much more! Shipping is fast, and the product is packed securely.

​CW States:
This product is a GREAT DEAL. In the past I've always gotten the prehydrated bentonite products, twenty bucks or so per liter. This one made up a liter of the same stuff with only 3 tablespoons of the powder! So basically I'll get probably ten times the product for half the price...

Timothy Glaesman 
I started out a bit skeptical of the benefits and uses of the clay but that has all changed. I mainly use it to detox the surface layers in a mud bath and it works great. It is also amazing for drawing out the venom from insect bites. I had been under doctors care for a long term fungal problem on my foot. Everything is ok as long as I do not go more then 3 or 4 days without applying prescription anti fungal. Anyway I figured I would give the clay a chance. I applied the clay every day for about a week. On the first application I could really feel the clay drawing at the fungal infection area. I am happy to say its been over 3 weeks with no additional treatment and the fungus has not returned.

BTW a little mixed into a warm glass of water actually tastes good, reminds me of mineral water and I have found that taken on an empty stomach it works wonders for heat and dampness in the stomach.

I mixed around 1.5 lbs of this with a bag of filtered play sand to create the "greensand" that is required for basic sand casting at home. It worked great! 

M. Ohlson
DON'T spend a bunch of money on fancy facial masks. Mix up a touch of this, add a touch of something from the kitchen if you'd like (I recommend looking up Joanna Vargas skin care on youtube for ideas), and each facial will cost pennies.

I ordered this product to go to my APO address in Japan and received it within 10 days. Kudos to Best Bentonite for their prompt service. As for the product...I am 100% satisfied. I just ordered another 4lbs of it, so I can be sure to always have it available to me. Using it for facial masks and body wraps and it is by fantastic product. Will definitely continue ordering this product from them in the future. If your looking for a quality bentonite clay for facial masks, wraps, or detox, I recommend this product 100%

Meg Kelly
I'm so happy to have found this product! I've been using expensive "mask" products with this clay in them for years. I love paying less and getting the same result!

Big AF Family "Urbo" 
I initially ordered this to try because of the great price. The product can be reduced in price due to the not so fancy packaging. I was very happy when the product turned out to be just as awesome. I have been using it for detox baths and internally for heartburn for a few months. My skin looks and feels great. I am 28 weeks pregnant and whenever I get aches and pains I take a 1-2 cup bathful and the pain disappears. Easy to ingest when mixed properly and has quick results with heartburn and aiding in digestion. Bentonite clay is amazing! This product is so reasonably priced compared to many other over priced clays on the market. I know it is working because I test my Ph and it is almost always a perfect 7.5. Another bonus is that the shipping is very quick. I have tried other clays and this one is superior quality.

I am so impressed!! 
And I NEVER want to run out of your bentonite clay. And I really do appreciate the price!! I have a son who is 16 who suffers from IBS from the time he was born. We have tried EVERYTHING!! Doctor after doctor, Prescriptions, over the counter stuff, you name it, we've tried it. I heard of clay years ago but never gave it a thought, (I actually thought it was a little weird). Well one day I came across your site and did some research about bentonite clay and thought I might as well try it.I tried it first to make sure it would be ok for my son. (I suffer from constipation) It worked like a dream!! He is now taking it and has had NO problems and IBS is under control. He says he feels amazing and so do I. Thank you again for your product and the price. Being a single mom, the price is very helpful. I tell everybody about it and I will make sure I never run out of your clay. Thank you again for everything!! 

​Alicia :-) 
You really do need the reinforcement straps that you put around the 15 Lbs. of Sodium Bentonite, because the box was so mashed, yet no tape was broken; it would not have survived shipment without those 2 reinforcement straps.

You show that you care by shipping in 5 Lb. increments, each double bagged. This allows us to keep two bags safely stored away, while keeping the dust down while using the first one.

I just want you to know how very encouraging it is to have a seller like you to depend on for my external bentonite supply needs.

I cannot wait to do a full body mask :-) As a small-scale farmer of healing foods and herbs, I get dirty and sweaty and need to seriously detox my skin.

Your shipment is an incredible relief. God bless you all!

Romoke. Hair Care!
When I want to thoroughly clean my hair and scalp I use the Bentonite Clay. It pulls all the dirt and extra stuff out and it doesn't strip my hair or scalp like shampoo tends to do. My curl pattern is restored and I love it. I have been doing this for a few years now and the results are constant. All I do is add a cup of water to 2TBs of Bentonite clay (the amount varies sometimes more or less of both). When the texture is smooth, I apply it to my head and scalp in sections. Finally I rinse it out after 30-45 mins. It feels awesome!

Janet Bulbuk
I love your product. I make my own toothpaste with it and it really whitens my teeth. I do masks (at 55 years old) and it minimizes my pores, making my skin look much younger. I do foot baths, mix it with cocoa powder and arrowroot powder to make makeup and eye color. I also take it internally and it makes me wonderfully "regular" and I am no longer gluten intolerant! I used to break out in horrible skin rashes all over my body whenever I ate anything containing gluten. Not any more since taking only 1/4 tsp of your clay mixed with 3 tsp of my Natural Vitality's Natural Calm Plus Calcium (with magnesium, potassium and boron) on an empty stomach every night.  
Gratefully, JB

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