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Our first Testimonial is from Tried it all! 
Who writes: 
This is a great product, and a great seller! Before buying, I emailed the seller with many questions, and they were quick to answer all of them. I use the clay for several things; it makes a PHENOMENAL face mask-forget that junk you are paying so much for from department and drug stores. I mix a small amount of the clay with water and apply it to my face twice a week for about an hour. It pulls my face nice and tight, and after rinsing with cool water, my skin looks so smooth and feels great. (I follow up with Nutiva hemp oil, it's great for the face.) This stuff is working magic on my large pores! It's a beautiful detoxing product. If mixing it with water only is a bit drying for you, try adding a few drops of oil to the mask (I prefer organic hemp or jojoba).
I also take it internally, although I don't care for eating it like some do. It has no taste, but the muddy texture of it when mixed with water is a little more than I can do. I just put the dry powder in capsules, and take about ten at night or in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water. It will travel through your system, picking up pesticides and toxins on it's way through (and out..). Wait to take your other vitamins about two hours after this product. Also, don't use any metal spoons, bowls or anything when mixing it. Use plastic. This stuff is a find! A little goes a long way, it is well worth the cost and much more! Shipping is fast, and the product is packed securely.

​CW States:
This product is a GREAT DEAL. In the past I've always gotten the prehydrated bentonite products, twenty bucks or so per liter. This one made up a liter of the same stuff with only 3 tablespoons of the powder! So basically I'll get probably ten times the product for half the price...

Timothy W. Glaesman 
I started out a bit skeptical of the benefits and uses of the clay but that has all changed. I mainly use it to detox the surface layers in a mud bath and it works great. It is also amazing for drawing out the venom from insect bites. I had been under doctors care for a long term fungal problem on my foot. Everything is ok as long as I do not go more then 3 or 4 days without applying prescription anti fungal. Anyway I figured I would give the clay a chance. I applied the clay every day for about a week. On the first application I could really feel the clay drawing at the fungal infection area. I am happy to say its been over 3 weeks with no additional treatment and the fungus has not returned.

BTW a little mixed into a warm glass of water actually tastes good, reminds me of mineral water and I have found that taken on an empty stomach it works wonders for heat and dampness in the stomach.

I mixed around 1.5 lbs of this with a bag of filtered play sand to create the "greensand" that is required for basic sand casting at home. It worked great! 

M. Ohlson
DON'T spend a bunch of money on fancy facial masks. Mix up a touch of this, add a touch of something from the kitchen if you'd like (I recommend looking up Joanna Vargas skin care on youtube for ideas), and each facial will cost pennies.

I ordered this product to go to my APO address in Japan and received it within 10 days. Kudos to Best Bentonite for their prompt service. As for the product...I am 100% satisfied. I just ordered another 4lbs of it, so I can be sure to always have it available to me. Using it for facial masks and body wraps and it is by fantastic product. Will definitely continue ordering this product from them in the future. If your looking for a quality bentonite clay for facial masks, wraps, or detox, I recommend this product 100%

Meg Kelly
I'm so happy to have found this product! I've been using expensive "mask" products with this clay in them for years. I love paying less and getting the same result!

Big AF Family "Urbo" 
I initially ordered this to try because of the great price. The product can be reduced in price due to the not so fancy packaging. I was very happy when the product turned out to be just as awesome. I have been using it for detox baths and internally for heartburn for a few months. My skin looks and feels great. I am 28 weeks pregnant and whenever I get aches and pains I take a 1-2 cup bathful and the pain disappears. Easy to ingest when mixed properly and has quick results with heartburn and aiding in digestion. Bentonite clay is amazing! This product is so reasonably priced compared to many other over priced clays on the market. I know it is working because I test my Ph and it is almost always a perfect 7.5. Another bonus is that the shipping is very quick. I have tried other clays and this one is superior quality.
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Please tell us about your results using our clay. We will post that information here for all Bentonite Clay users to benefit from.

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