Does Best Bentonite contain lead?

​ It would not be bentonite clay if it didn't. 

I must admit this alert about lead was very concerning to me. So it made me do some research and it turns out; that indeed there are trace amounts of lead in all bentonite clay. But bentonite clay also contains trace amounts of Chromium, Cadmium, Cesium, and Lithium. all of which are toxic and poison's left alone and unbound. But they are bound to the Bentonite Clay just like the lead, they are not Bio-available. So are not left behind, and will not build up in the body. lead that is naturally present in many foods and clay's just are not available to the body.

The FDA alert states very clearly that the FDA has not confirmed any cases of lead poisoning associated with “Best Bentonite Clay.”
I wondered why. If the lead is so dangerous how come there has not been one case of lead poisoning associated with not only this bentonite but any bentonite clay?

​Lead is dangerous, even in tiny amounts, when it is able to build up in the body. This does not occur with the trace amounts of lead in clay's like bentonite for one very important reason. Lead likes to bond to other elements like silver, copper and zinc.

To understand why this is important, think about high school chemistry. Compounds that would be dangerous on their own, are not in certain combinations. Sodium (a reactive caustic metal) and Chloride (an explosive acid) are harmful on their own in elemental form, but together they form harmless and important NaCl, or salt.
A similar comparison is true with lead. Lead in an un-bonded form (like the isolated form found in some metals, cosmetics or old paint) is dangerous and is important to avoid because it can bond and remain in the body. Lead that has already bonded is not likely to remain in the body. So lead from natural sources, like dirt and clay, remain bonded when they enter the body. Just as the bond between sodium and chloride is very difficult to break, the bond between lead and other elements are also not easily broken and does not happen through the normal process of digestion.

According to the; US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.
Bentonite is effective for lead and zinc removal. SOURCE:

There are exemptions in the California Prop 65 for natural foods like Brussels Sprouts, collard greens, and nuts, which naturally contain moderately high levels of lead and would have to show many times the “safe” level of lead on their labels. Foods like carrots and yams contain over 20 times the legal limit of arsenic, but they aren’t dangerous because the arsenic is similarly bonded, and not Bio-available.

It is likely that companies that produce and sell Bentonite Clay products, in California, could somehow claim this exemption as well, since the lead is already bonded, I am sure that the process is not fast, easy or cheep. So it is more economical for many companies to simply include the FDA warning on their labels because mislabeling fines are severe. And so we are now also adding the FDA disclaimer to our labels.

I found all of this information with a little research. And I must admit it all sounded fine. But just to prove this to myself. I went to my doctor and had a personal lead test performed. I can send you a copy of the results upon request. The results were absolutely negative with no detectable amount of lead in my body. I have personally been using this bentonite clay, inside and out, for over 10 years.